This Was Supposed to Be the Future. Make with the Jetpacks.

Not quite a personal jetpack, but still pretty neat. Ten years ago, if someone had told you that in the near future, your shoes would talk to your mobile phone as you run and that your phone would connect wirelessly with a pair of stereo headphones for music, all the while allowing you to play Scrabble with a friend who lives three thousand miles away in New York — you would have probably told them to leave some cocaine for the rest of us.

What’s even more shocking is that it all works together flawlessly, links to an online service to share and compete with others and is completely reasonable in price. It may not be a personal jetpack or teleportation, but sometimes you have to take what you can get. With respect to Apple in this scenario, it’s a testament to the restraint to adopt and innovate new and existing technologies to make complex ideas into simple and compelling features for the end-user. It’s not about being first to market or designing a device that wins on a spec sheet alone; it’s about offering features that translate into¬†practical usability.

And speaking of usable futuristic technology gone mainstream, how about that iPhone 4 FaceTime ad? Or Face/OffTime, if you will.

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