Reddit Secret Santa 2009 – Oh my.

This year, kickme444 and an assorted group of Redditors decided to put together one of the largest communal holiday gift exchanges on the internet for the Reddit community. This was no slap-dash operation, it led to the creation of with over four thousand members participating in the exchange. You can read more about it at the website and on the /r/secretsanta subreddit. And yes, I finally sent mine today, so please stop sending me guilt-inducing emails, kickme444.

Today, I received a nondescript brown parcel from the UPS guy. Little did I know that it was in fact my Secret Santa gift. Please join me in the unboxing, don’t skip to the end – spoilers stink.

Will do.
Sure thing, internet stranger.

It's a book.
It’s a book. Not another copy of “Freakonomics”, please.

Meyer Recycling.
This poorly written dialogue looks familiar. I’m glad somebody finally found a good use for a printed copy of Twilight.

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
Sh**, it’s the third Twilight book. Dick move, sir.

Team Edward, bitches.
Well, you put the effort into sending me the book. Might as well read it. Wow, this Edward fellow sounds like a dreamboat.

Star Trek DVD
Turning the page to page 54… Wait, what?

Funny People DVD
Page 179.

Page 293.

Reddit Alient Seal of Approval
That just happened.

I believe in the magic illusion business, they call this misdirection. Try as you all might, but I don’t believe there will be a Secret Santa gift for this year that will be able to top this. It has everything. Mystery, suspense, brooding vampires, Star Trek, Adam Sandler, and a battle-scared iPhone. Dennis (coderascal), that was awesome. Higher-resolution images are available by clicking each photo or by going directly to the Flickr set.

Apologies in advance to my Secret Santa recipient. It doesn’t have one tenth of one percent the creativity that this did. And now it’s time to go watch Funny People.


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  1. Awesome present! I don’t know if you can claim there will be no other presents that will top this in terms of sheer monetary value, because there’s a confirmed $2000 gift being sent somewhere. It’s a tough act to beat on packaging, though!

    Upvote for good use of Twilight pages for packaging!

  2. TheCheezCake,

    Wish my SS would have sent me a girlfriend. =)

  3. ddrt,

    That gift is from someone who loves to give.

  4. Dana,

    You should put the pix up in the gift gallery….. Everyone is wondering where this package went.

    As for me… I’m currently watching the MST3000 ‘Santa Conquers the Martians’ DVD that my reddit secret santa sent me.

  5. It’s kinda sad that (s)he had to buy a copy of the book and give her those proceeds, though. Let’s all just assume (s)he did the right thing and found it at a second hand store or stole it from a younger sister.

  6. Mark,

    Awesome!! I looked for the upvote arrow after reading how awesome the gift you recieved was, and couldn’t find it. Going back to reddit now… :)

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