Erroneous Tweet Summary for December 1st through 6th

  • Mildly humorous idea I don’t have the initiative to follow through on: Shakespeare’s Othello reimagined as YouTube comments. #
  • Lala might be acquired by Apple; hopefully they don’t destroy it in the process. It’s a gem in a sea of Web 2.0 mediocrity. #
  • I’m currently staring at a PowerPoint slide with a wall of text fourteen continuous lines long. Jiminy. #
  • 6 months in, it’s time for an “Operation End Fat-Assery Now” status update. Discarded 75 lbs, trimmed 8″ off waist, decidedly less jolly. #
  • Be kind this holiday season, friends — otherwise you’re all getting gifts from Regretsy. #
  • App Store reviews are the new YouTube comments. #
  • There have been six seasons of “Dog the Bounty Hunter”; but I’m sorry — I interrupted. Please tell me more about this “God” you speak of. #
  • @Mike_FTW Is that why Alyssa Milano is listed as an advisor for Square? in reply to Mike_FTW #
  • WolframAlpha proves useful to the extent that it negates the six seconds it would take to launch Mathematica, and that’s about it. #
  • Alan Greenspan is wearing his blue beanie for Web Standards Day – #

Note: this post was erroneously generated by a new plugin, but this post has comments foreshadowing to the gift described in the next post, so it stays.


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  1. c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a _,

    Sir, you have a gift incoming. 4 days.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. _ _ _ e _ _ _ _ _ _,

    3 days.

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